Dirty Talk Examples

When you’re first starting out with dirty talk, it’s sometimes hard to even imagine what you’d say to get started.   Dirty talk examples are everywhere if you look for them.   Here’s a few ideas of where to get some inspiration:
1. Watch your favorite movie with a great sex scene or witty flirtation.
2. Explore some porn flicks to see what you’re interested in.
3.  Read some erotica.
We’re including a few to get you started below.  Click here for more dirty talk examples.
  1. “I love the way you kiss me…especially when you kiss me there!”
  2. “I want to get naked with you right now.”
  3. “Do you like the way that feels?”
  4. “Use your mouth on me.”
  5. “I love the things you do with your tongue.”
  6. “You’re so damn gorgeous.”
  7. “Want to see what I really want? Come closer…”
  8. “Tell me what you want.”
  9. “This is going to be the dirtiest night of your life.”
  10. “It drives me crazy when you look at me that way…”
  11. “You taste so good.”
  12. “Come over here and ride me hard.”
  13. “Your wish is my command.”
  14. “I want to feel those sweet lips all over me.”
  15. “I’m going to suck you like a lollipop.”

Dirty Talk: 5 Ways to Get Started

Dirty talk is one of the easiest and hottest ways to spice up your love life.   Women often want to experiment with dirty talk in the bedroom to turn on their husbands, boyfriends, and partners.  Often the hardest part is just getting started.  Click here for the full dirty talk guide, or get started with the tips below.

1.  Start with “narrative” dirty talk: If you’re not sure how to get started or what to say, start with the easiest kind of dirty talk: narration.  Basically, with narrative dirty talk, you’re using one of four things as the basis of what you’re saying:
  • What you’re doing
  • What you’re about to do
  • What’s being done to you
  • How it feels
2.  Sexy answers: Does your partner ever ask you questions?  “Does this feel good?”  “Do you like that?”  “More?”   One easy way to be more vocal in the bedroom is just to respond to those questions.  “Yes!” and “Oh please!” and “So good!” are great places to start.  Keep it short, positive, and genuine.

3.  Sexy questions: Dirty talk is way better than if it’s a conversation.   Another way to get started is to ask your partner some questions.  Examples might be “Do you like that?”  “Is that what you want?” and “What do you want me to do now?”

4. Experiment with sounds: A big part of dirty talk is giving your partner positive reinforcement.  Another way to do this verbally is to experiment with sounds – think sighs, moans, purrs, and heavy breathing.

5.  Take a cue from what they already enjoy: Does your partner love doing it doggy style?   Maybe they love to have their ears nibbled?  Or do they get turned on more than anything by a sexy massage?  Describing those activities or incorporating keywords that will help evoke their signature turn-ons is a great way to target dirty talk to your specific audience for maximum effect.

Talking Dirty to A Guy: Active Verbs and Great Description

I was sitting at a bar talking to friends, when a woman that I’ll call Monica* asked if shecould get my opinion.

James, her husband, had recently shared his biggest fantasy with her: for her to talk dirtyto him in the bedroom.

Talking dirty to a guy is one of the easiest ways to turn up the heat in your relationship.It’s easier than dropping twenty pounds or changing your hair color; it’s cheaper thanbuying fancy lingerie; and easier than planning a big getaway.

But how do you get started? Here’s the hard part, ladies.

You have to start somewhere. It’s a DNA thing on both sides of the gender coin that goeslike this:

Man loves woman. (Or likes, or lusts….)

Woman loves man. (Or likes, or lusts….)

Man is turned on by dirty talk.Man asks woman to talk dirty, or woman figures out that that man enjoys that.


……wonders how to get started

.……is afraid of looking or sounding ridiculous

.……had a bad experience with talking dirty before

.……isn’t sure what language to use.

The truth is that all of these challenges can be overcome with one of two strategies: eitherstudy examples and try them out, or work with a general framework of how to approachthe process.

Monica is a really bright woman, but she suffered from serious performance anxiety andwas afraid she would freeze up in the bedroom. I recommended a simple formula for herto practice at home:

Step 1: Grab a pen and paper. (Totally unsexy time here, ladies)
Step 2: Write down a list of ADJECTIVES that sound sexy to you (examples: hot, wet,big, hard)
Step 3: Write down a list of VERBS that sound sexy to you (examples: touch, pet, rub)
Step 4: Write down a list of NOUNS that are sexy to you (examples: my ear, my neck,your thigh)

Now start combining them. Pick three that sound especially sexy to you in combination,or that you think your partner would enjoy.

Now practice saying them aloud. Try to sound a little sexy. Now work them in the nexttime your with your partner in the bedroom, or send a sexy little note that says “[Your
partner's name], I can’t wait until tonight so I can….”

* Names changed to protect the dirty talkin’ skills of a West Coast suburban wife

Dirty Talk: Five Things Men Want from a Woman

It can be difficult to hone in on the wants and needs of another person.However, it is not as hard as we women like to make it seem. We sometimes feel like we do not know exactly what the men in our lives want. This could not be further from the truth. We listen to them, learn their habits and act on those things. We cook their favorite meals, we buy them gifts that we know that they will like and some of us even know their fashion sense enough to buy their clothes. So we need to apply this same observance and action to matters of the heart and bedroom. The same skills apply to when we are figuring out how to talk dirty to a guy. Here are a few things to keep in mind in terms of what men want when it comes to pillow talk.

Show Initiative
While men are often the more aggressive ones in the relationship, they do like to be pursued when it comes to sex. Call him up or send him a sexy text. Tell him how attractive and sexy he is to you and that you cannot wait to see him again.Talking dirty is not all about the vulgarities. It is about personalizing the experience and telling him how special he is to you and how hot he makes you. Women love to hear compliments and your man is not any different.

Be Spontaneous
It does not have to be a special occasion for a little naughty behavior. Call him at work or send a sexy text to his phone when you know that he may be having a rough day.This is a great way to make him smile and think of you all day.

Be Detailed
You can tell by the way that guys know the scores to all of the games, and every fact about cars or their favorite hobby, that they are big on the details.When you are talking dirty to your man, help him visualize what you are talking about. Make him relive the last night of steamy sex that you had whether, it was a hot and heavy all nighter or a passion-blazed quickie. Appeal to his senses. Make him see you, smell you and feelyou all over again.

Be Confident
If you are going to make a little nasty talk with your man, this is not the time to be bashful. You have to be confident when you are telling him what you want him to do or what you want to do to him. Be firm, forceful and sexy with your approach.

Keep it in the Bedroom (or not!)
When learning how to talk dirty to a guy, you have to remember that there is a time,place and occasion. While a little dirty talk will do wonders to turn your man on, figure out if your guy is interested in it strictly in the sack or if a whispered word out in public is a huge turn-on.  This will vary by man. You also want to make sure that your dirty talk is reserved for his ears only. These may not be things that he wants to hear you talking to your girlfriends about or that he wants his friends to overhear.

How to flirt with a girl over text

Alright, gentlemen.  You’ve got a hot girl in mind, your smart phone in hand, and you’re wondering exactly how to make it happen: you’re wondering how to flirt with a girl over text.

Before we get started, let me be really upfront – this is written from a girl’s perspective.   I will tell you exactly what works, what doesn’t, and the kinds of signals to give depending on the message that you want to send.

I’m going to assume you’ve got a girl in mind, and you’ve got her number.   If not, you should check out these guys.  If so, keep reading.

So a few things upfront:
- Use proper English, and try to spell correctly.  This makes a great first impression, and you never know up front how much a woman will value this.  Smart men who can express themselves articulately is a huge turn-on.   As you become more friendly, you can devolve into abbreviations and IM speak.  But you never want to blow it with a great girl because she assumes you’re an idiot.

- Show up.   Sometimes just showing up is half the battle.  Often a guy tells a girl he’ll text or call, and doesn’t; or waits so long that the interest and the anticipation has gone way.   Don’t let yourself get so hung up on the clever hook that you actually fail to send the text.   Hey, how are you? is a decent start.

- Have some class.   Texting a girl you know the dirtiest thing you can think of, before you have a connection or have reached that level, isn’t likely to get you far.  If you’re thinking that’s something you’d never do, you’d be surprised.  I can say from experience that it happens, and it can be a deal breaker even before we get started.

So why is texting a great way to flirt with girls, get the chemistry going and keep it burning?
Texting allows you to connect on your own time, take the time to think about what you’re going to say, and compose smart responses.  It lowers the pressure, rejection is way less harsh, and avoids that awkward getting to know you conversation.  It also allows you to find out more about her, and figure out what she likes.

So where to get started:
1. Remember, flirty, not raunchy.   “You looked amazing the other night,” is awesome.  “I want to do you up against my car right now.”  Less so, at least to start.

2. Ask questions.  Find out about her day, find out how she’s doing.   Ask a thought provoking question, something that will intrigue her and get her thinking.

3. Remember, texting is a medium that works best for being funny, being light, for banter.  It’s not the place to pour your heart out about fluffy’s tragic death or why you are still scarred from the locker room incident of 2008.

4. Be responsive, but not desperate.  You don’t want to answer every text, nor do you want to do so immediately.  Work the principle of scarcity – things that are harder to get are innately hotter.

If you’re looking for great examples of things to say, and don’t want to spend a lot of money, I totally recommend this guy.   His success with women is astounding, and he gives tons of examples you can put into practice right away.

So happy texting and let me know how you do.

Dirty Text Examples

Almost every guy has a cell phone today and that means you have all the access youneed to him. The power of a few sexy texts can mean some serious fun.

So you have decided that you would like to send him some dirty tests but you just donot know what to say. Understand that there is not a wrong time to receive a sex SMSand guys love to have their days interrupted with a little SMS hotness.

There is nothing like being at work, at home, at the store, or anywhere in the world andhaving someone let you know that you are being thought about and are highly desired.Even though some men act as if they do not like the extra attention, secretly they do.

Here are a few suggestions that can get your next session of dirty texts started.

Hey Sexy, I cannot stop thinking about last night!

This short line opens the door to some real hot talk. This is an ego stroker, which isalways a good thing when it comes to men. Many men are concerned with their virilityand performance in the bedroom. This is the perfect opportunity to let him know that hedid a great job and left an impression.

I am so hot and horny for you right now!

Everyone likes to feel desired and this dirty text lets him know that he is all over yourmind right now. This will lead into hot and heavy sex SMS because he is sure torespond by asking you what exactly you are thinking. Be descriptive and tell himexactly what is on your dirty little mind.

What do you want me to do to you tonight?

There is no better motivation to get through a rough day than knowing that you havesome loving waiting for you when you get home. Men love to feel catered to and lettinghim tell you exactly what he wants and how he wants it is an even bigger turn on.This one is surely going to have you on his mind all day long. He may even get homequicker than usual. Be ready when he gets there!

Thinking about your ***** makes me hot.

Here is your chance to accentuate the positive. Fill in the blanks and tell your man what you like best about him. Flattery can go a long way. Do not be shy with thecompliments. Men like to be told how attractive they are as much as we do.

Do not worry about feeling like you are sounding cheesy. Your man will appreciate theefforts that you are making toward him and he will reward you accordingly. You canreally make a bad or blah day a great one with a few sexy texts.

Dirty texts are nothing to be afraid of and you will get better with practice. When he responds to you, take cues and remember that it is not all about being vulgar. It is all about the passion and sharing that intimacy. Keep practicing and keep texting!

Creative Ideas for Sending Sexy SMS Messages on your iPhone or Blackberry

Smart phones make communicating with the world so much easier. There are so manythings that you can do besides just being limited to a simple voice call. You can getdirections, do your banking, play games, go shopping and even entice your lover. The latter can perhaps be the most fun if you know what you’re doing.

The art of seduction using sexy texts is one that takes some getting used to and itneeds to be personalized; meaning what works with one guy may not work with all guys.Here are a few things to remember when starting a sex SMS session.

Create a Vision
Men are highly visual creatures and the things that they envision fuel their desires. Playon that sense when you are talking to your man. Talk about his favorite outfit or hisfavorite piece of lingerie. Tell him that you are walking around the house with just histee shirt on thinking about him. The main idea is to give him a visual of the things thatexcite him about you.

Appeal to All of his Senses
Experts say that the brain is the main sexual organ of the human body and that is quitetrue. You want to appeal to his senses in every way. Talk about the scent that he lovesbest on you. Tell him that you just got out of a hot steamy bubble bath and that you areputting on his favorite after bath scent. This will make him close his eyes and smell aswell as see you.
Appeal to his sense of touch by telling him that you cannot wait to feel his hands on youor that you cannot wait to put your hands all over him.

Be Detailed
Sending your man a sexy text is not just about being raunchy. Again, this is aboutappealing to the senses. Talk about your last love session and what you loved so muchabout it. Tell him how good he felt to you and make him remember all of the things thatyou did to him. Tell him in detail what you like that he does to you.

Sex SMS is made easy when using an iPhone or a Blackberry because you have somany different messaging capabilities. You can use those cute emoticons to conveyyour message. You can even use the recording capability to send him a sexy moan oreven a wet sloppy kiss when he opens his sexy texts from you.

Let you imagination and his run away. Do not be afraid to take your intimacy with yourpartner out of the bedroom. This will have you on his mind all day long and longing toget back home to you.

A word of caution, remember that other eyes may be around so use care and cautionwhen sending sexy pictures to your mate. Make sure that he has a lock code on hisphone. Make sure that you can trust him not to share these pictures with anyone else.Be safe and happy sexting!

How to send a Dirty Text

Should I send a dirty text?
One of the sexiest parts of bringing dirty talk into your relationship is taking it out of the bedroom.  Dirty talk is simply the art of verbal seduction: using words and images to arouse your partner and make them count the seconds until they get back to you.   With husbands and boyfriends glued to their computers, iPads, and smartphones, one of your best weapons can be perfecting the art of the sexy text.
Being erotic in 160 characters or less is an art form!  But don’t let that scare you off.  This is actually good news – by constraining your space a little bit, it’ll actually help you be really effective in the long run.  You may also learn a few skills that you can bring directly into the bedroom.

1. Short means targeted: You can’t describe everything you intend to do to your partner tonight in a single text.   Pick a theme or one particular act or point that you want to convey.  “I’m not wearing panties.”  “I can’t wait to try this new toy that just arrived.”  “If you were here, I’d be bringing out the whipped cream.”  You get it.

2.  Use active, direct sentences: Save the flowerly language for another medium, ladies.  Active voice and strong verbs will help evoke the kind of visceral response you’re hoping to get.   Basically you’re looking for some variation on the the “I will X you” type of sentence.

3.  Go for vivid and exciting: Use texts to convey desire and anticipation, or use short snippets of description to help your partner visualize what you intend to do.

4.  Don’t forget to involve the senses: Our five senses are completely wrapped up in the way that we seduce our partners.  The way you feel, taste, or sound is likely to drive him mad.  Consider an occasional text that brings in one of the five senses.  “I can’t wait to moan in your ear when you touch me tonight.”

5.  Favorite topics: Don’t be afraid to use the text message as a way to tap into your partner’s favorite fantasies or activities.  “Imagine if I were dressed up like a secretary and came to meet you for a lunch date.”

The art of the sex-message is a great way to build anticipation and stay connected when you’re apart.  But remember, any message you send via text message, email, or instant messenger is in writing and your partner might hang onto it forever.  So make sure you trust them, and that it’s something you live with hanging around for awhile.